I will leave this page up as a record of the project as it was being done. The new page will will be more complete.

Redemption Song

Early in 2007, Applegate became enamored of Bob Marley's "Redemption Song". He conceived the idea of bookending a project with a cover of that song, and a "Redemption Song" that he and Gelbstein would write together. He wasn't fazed by the Jamaican lyric of the original song (although he probably should consider that). While sailing in the Caribbean Gary came to understand that the Marley song was something of an anthem there. On his return to Jersey he gave Richard three lyrics to start the project. Within weeks the number of lyrics reached about six.

Nothing happened for about a year. According to Gary, Richard claimed to be suffering from some kind of writer's block. In his defense, it had been a difficult year for all of the band. Mario had some rather serious health problems, Gary had a severe family crisis, and everyone was down over Hilly's passing. (It was during all this tumult that Gary managed to release his solo recording and then "My True Story".)

Then Gelbstein called and said he had two songs done. They quickly went into Gary's studio and put the songs down. A few days later Mario came over and helped with some vocals on one of the songs.

Gary pulled out the basic track of "I'm Sorry" from Damian Cordisco's studio from a few years ago and added the missing guitars and vocals. (This track has Gelb's scratch vocal, Mario on piano, and Brian on drums.)

Reflections on Mitch Ryder's "Jenny take a ride" (on the street)


A Way You'll Never Be

Two Stories Down

The Fall Of Rome

I'm Sorry

Gelbstein's 115th dream


Reoccuring Dream

Redemption Song

Those of you paying attention will notice a new song here. A month or two into 2009, as the band began to do some things, Gelb finished the music for an Applegate lyric called "I took a ride on a subway in a city on Mars". He happened to bring this over to Gary (not really accidently) during a session Gary was doing with Brian and Dave. They promptly re-arranged (actually de-constructed) his music so much that they probably have to get a writer's credit for the final piece.

Gelb has since began pushing Gary to record the song as originally written as well so there may be two versions on the finished recording.

This endeavor has gone by various titles including; "Redemption Song", "Final Project", and "Absolution". From the second of these it's fairly safe to deduce that this will probably be it for our heroes (if it is ever done.) This is much the same atmosphere that existed around the band for OLPB, but the Clams are older now and so that much less likely to re-energize. In fact, if this takes as long to finish as OLPB, I'd bet any release would be posthumous for at least some of the guys.