The early career of the Pets, and later, the Big Fat Pet Clams from Outer Space were defined more than anything else by two songs, "Why did you leave me?" and "High School Girls". "Why did you leave me?" always closed the show, followed by "tonite it's allright" and "Assholes" as encores. In the middle of the set, they would play "High School Girls". For almost two years this was the one constant of the Clam's performances. The English deal was in large part based on these two songs. It is a comment on the rapid progression of the band in their second year that neither song is on the first album.

There are at least three demos of "High School Girls". The best one is lost. Hilly toyed with the idea of releasing an independent single of the Pets early on. He brought in Genya Ravan to produce and chose "High School Girls" to be the A side. She worked very hard at softening the rough edges of what was essentially an amphetamine-driven heavy metal tune. None of the band knows if any copy of that session still exists.

There are a half a dozen live recordings of the song around.

Al Spero had a habit of making up his own lyrics for the band's songs. They were often very funny. His words for "High School Girls" turned the song into the howlings of a sexual serial killer. "I cut off her head on the motel bed..." Maybe you had to hear him sing it.

When Dave left, the song was removed from the playlist, as it was generally credited (most of the music anyway) to him.


This might be the Genya Ravan version at some sage of mixing: