Ain't no worryin'

A Way You'll Never Be


Baby Come Home

In Belfast

In Belfast(live)

Back in New York


Cruel wind(live)

Don't get so upset

Firebombing London

Riding in my car

God and Dr. Hawking

God and Dr. Hawking(live)

Hey! Denise

I'm Sorry

Meanwhile...back on Highway 61

Buddy Holly's revenge

I used to listen to the radio(live)

Revisions of JoHanna(live)

There ain't no happy endings

What have the facists got to do with rock and roll music?

How it will be

High school girls

I want that girl


I want that girl(live)

Looking for a look

Way down upon the Mekong Delta

Play "she don't care about time"

The Love

Odd man out

The once and future King

The once and future King(live)

On their own

Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams(live)

You oughta be in pictures

Everyone pretends

Like rain(live)

Run away and hide

Show business

Steven's Room

Something happened late last night

Student of love

Suicide note

Things keep on changing

Time of troubles

Time of troubles(live)

Long black viel(live)

Wait for tomorrow

The world goes spinning wildly (into nothingness)

Cruel wind(live)

Vonnegut in Dresden

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