Recorded in one drunken night at Tower Studios in Wall township N.J., with studio owner Chris Cavellaro engineering, these ten songs formed the core of the clams' repertoire for the summer of "81. Several of the songs were re-recorded in the following two years under better studio conditions.

from the original session

I want that girl

we were wrong

waiting for nothing

odd man out

red-headed sonny

the jazz age

no poses

recorded at mixolydian studios in Boonton N.J. by the Fernandez/Beringer version of the band.(at the "Belfast" sessions)

lookin' for a look

What have the fascists got to do with rock and roll music?

I believe this was actually recorded at CBGB in an afternoon session

With the Mandel/Graf/Attardo band, recorded live at CBGB.

I want that girl (live)