Slowly recorded over many easy sessions in '89-'90, these songs were Gary's project, his attempt at working in the studio without a band. The clams were down to just Richie and Gary, so ego problems were minimal. Damian, who owned the local studio they were working out of, co-produced. Art"Yorke"Calabro contributed on vocals, and a host of local young musicians came through the studio to get their first taste of recording.

Jonathan Gelbstein's band "Johnny Panic and the bible of dreams" sat in on three or four tracks, but most of the songs are Richie on piano, Damian on drums, and Gary on everything else. On the title track, Dave Anderson returned to play the guitar/guitar-synth solo.

These were very enjoyable late night sessions, with many cigars and a lot of hard drinking. There was time to experiment and lots of ideas to try out without the burden of a deadline.

fire-bombing London

the story of my life

the once and future king

play"she don't care about time"

God and Dr.Hawkins

everyone pretends

another time and place

cruel wind

rope trick

long black veil

the world goes spinning wildly

(all songs Applegate/Gelbstein, except "play she don't care about time" Applegate/Mandel)

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