We're now in 1978 and Richard Gelbstein has a chance to record demos of some of his songs for some "NEW YORK PRODUCERS". He has asked some young local rockers to back him up on the recording and they are in the process of auditioning drummers. They have just about decided on a fine musician from Middletown, when Al Spero returns from Idaho. He immediately asks Gary for a chance and his audition is every bit as good as the fellow from Middletown. Seeing his return as a bit of serendipity, Gary talks Dave and Gelb into using Al under the "devil you know" principal.

Richie recorded six songs at Blue Rock studios in New York City in the summer of 1978. These were all his songs, the producers and Gelb's advisors viewed his new band as disposable back-up musicians. With two exceptions, these songs were sort of mild, caberet-broadway, pop, type songs. One, "mr. music maker" had an edgy reggae feel. And one "Cheater" with it's early '60s rhythm and blues feel, and it's Beatles bridge, still remains, over 200 songs later, one of the best things the clams ever recorded.

The blue rock sessions produced a very slick, clean and varied collection, ably demonstrating Gelbstein's ability as a songwriter. The sessions also produced a band.